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Lucky Mobile providing a free month of service, 50 % off SIM playing cards

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Bell’s Lucky Mobile has a candy ‘Summer Deal’ that provides new prospects a free month of service.

The supply runs till August 3, 2021. Lucky’s web site notes {that a} one-time SIM card cost applies, and the free month of service will probably be credited to prospects’ second month of service.

However, Lucky additionally has a 50 % off deal for many who purchase their SIM card on-line. So, all in, you’ll be able to order a SIM from Lucky’s web site for $5 as an alternative of the same old $10 and get a month of free service. Not a nasty supply total.

The solely actual draw back is that for many who would like an in-store answer, Lucky’s supply isn’t obtainable at Dollarama or Giant Tiger shops. However, different Lucky Mobile retail places do have the supply.

Finally, Lucky’s web site notes that prospects should activate their SIM card by August thirtieth to redeem the supply.

You can study extra concerning the free month of service on Lucky’s web site.

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