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Get choose iPhone 12 fashions as much as $280 off at Costco till August 1

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Those hoping to select up a reduced iPhone 12 earlier than Apple’s typical fall iPhone announcement could be in luck. Costco Canada at present has a number of iPhone 12 fashions on sale for as much as $280 off.

Unfortunately, the deal is locked to Costco members solely. Still, in case you are a member, the financial savings are fairly nice.

RedFlagDeals (RFD) person ‘DonM28020’ noticed the deal, which incorporates reductions on the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 and 12 mini. The low cost, value and precise mannequin specifics can be found beneath (pricing data courtesy of RFD customers ‘skewpar’ and ‘LDN2012’ since non-members, like myself, can’t view the value):

At the time of writing, the iPhone 12 was listed as out of inventory, however the different fashions had been nonetheless out there. Stock could fluctuate based mostly in your location.

Further, Costco’s web site notes that the deal is legitimate for orders positioned between July thirtieth and August 1st, so you possibly can solely get the low cost for this weekend.

You can study extra on Costco’s web site or on RedFlagDeals.


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