Rogers invests $140 million to increase fibre to Quinte Region in Ontario

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Rogers will make investments over $140 million to increase its fibre community and ship high-speed web companies in over 20,000 houses and companies in Quinte West, Belleville and Prince Edward County, Ontario.

In a launch, Rogers mentioned that when it completes the enlargement, residents and enterprise homeowners could have entry to the total suite of Rogers companies, together with Ignite Internet and Ignite TV. Further, provider says its Ignite Internet will provide obtain speeds of as much as 1.5Gbps.

“It is important that we continue to invest in our communities and today’s announcement will ensure that residents and businesses in Quinte West, Belleville and Prince Edward County have access to reliable internet,” mentioned Rogers’ government vice chairman of service enlargement, Phil Hartling, within the launch.

Rogers additionally famous that its investments will convey dependable web to over 500,000 households in rural and underserved communities by the tip of 2021.

Those can be taught extra concerning the announcement right here.

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