Marvel’s Hawkeye collection to launch on Disney+ in November

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Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye collection will premiere on Disney+ on November twenty fourth.

The firm made the announcement on Twitter alongside an unique preview of the collection on Entertainment Weekly.

Taking place after the occasions of Avengers: EndgameHawkeye follows Jeremy Renner’s eponymous Avenger as he trains a brand new archer, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). The collection additionally ties into Black Widow, which was launched earlier this month in theatres and on Disney+ Premier Access.

With Hawkeye now dated, Marvel Studios’ 2021 calendar is nearly utterly mapped out, except for Ms. Marvel. The Captain Marvel-related collection, which stars Markham, Ontario newcomer Iman Vellani because the stretchy teenaged superhero Ms. Marvel, is at present slated to launch someday in late 2021.

Otherwise, we all know that Marvel’s What If? animated collection is hitting Disney+ on August eleventh, which rounds out Marvel’s first yr of Disney+ reveals.

On the movie aspect, the corporate has Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (starring Canada’s personal Simu Liu of Kim’s Convenience fame) set to open in theatres on September third, with Eternals (co-written and directed by current Oscar winner Chloé Zhao) approaching November fifth and Spider-Man: No Way Home (a co-production with Sony) closing out the yr on December seventeenth.

Image credit score: Marvel Studios

Source: Marvel Studios

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