Dr. Mario World is shutting down on November 1

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Despite some success with different cell titles like Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it seems to be like Dr. Mario World isn’t as well-liked as Nintendo hoped it could be.

According to a tweet from Nintendo’s official Dr. Mario World Twitter account, the Android and iOS recreation is ready to close down on November 1st. After this date, the sport will not be playable.

The message can be out there on the sport’s web site alongside an announcement that the sport’s “Diamond” premium foreign money gross sales will halt as of July twenty ninth.

Nintendo additionally says it’s launching an online web page referred to as “Dr. Mario World Memories” to permit gamers to look again at their historical past with the title as soon as it goes offline.

“To enable the provision of the Dr. Mario World Memories Service, a portion of your player history will be saved on the server so it can be referenced in Dr. Mario World Memories. If you would like to delete your player history, please go to Delete Save Data in the app and delete your save data”

This isn’t the primary cell recreation Nintendo has killed off. Back in 2018, Nintendo shut down Miitomo after solely two years of operation.

Source: @Drmarioworld_EN

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