Netflix is reportedly engaged on a live-action Pokémon collection

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With Pokémon’s twenty fifth anniversary on the way in which, new rumours have appeared indicating that Netflix is engaged on a live-action adaptation of the hit Japanese online game collection.

Variety has realized completely from “sources” that Netflix is within the early improvement phases of a brand new live-action Pokémon collection.

There are presently no particulars in regards to the plot, nonetheless, Variety says that Joe Henderson (Lucifer) will function an govt and co-showrunner of the collection.

This live-action present will seemingly be just like Detective Pikachu, which hit theatres again in 2019.

It appears like Netflix goals to place itself because the streaming dwelling for Pokémon. For instance, in Canada, the platform presents Detective PikachuPokémon: The Movie I Choose You, Pokémon Indigo League, the newest collection Pokémon Journeys, and the brand new film, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back. 

Netflix has tailored a number of video games into new collection, together with Dota, The Witcher, Castlevania and it’s presently engaged on a League of Legends collection. Additionally, the streaming service has turned a number of anime into live-action films similar to Bleach and Death Note and is presently engaged on Cowboy Bebop and One Piece.

As an enormous fan of the Pokémon franchise, I’m trying ahead to the brand new collection; hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint.

Source: Variety

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