Feds, Quebec make investments $18.9 million to carry connectivity to the D’Autray RCM and Matawinie RCM

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The federal and Quebec governments have introduced a joint funding of $18.9 million to carry connectivity to extra houses within the D’Autray RCM and the Matawinie RCM.

The funding goals to carry high-speed web to 10,980 extra houses within the areas by September 2022.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that connecting all Quebecers to high-speed Internet has never been more important,” mentioned Élisabeth Brière, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of financial growth, in a information launch.

“With this announcement, and thanks to our good collaboration with the government of Quebec, we’re increasing the potential for economic growth and helping improve the quality of life of Quebecers.”

The funding is being offered underneath Phase II of the 2 ranges of governments’ Operation High Speed initiative. Phase II contains $94 million in funding to assist deployment initiatives and was launched on July twenty first.

Further, Phase II goals to attach 18,200 households in Quebec to high-speed web, which is along with the 150,000 households being related underneath Phase I.

Operation High Speed goals to present Quebec the very best connectivity fee within the nation, at greater than 99 p.c.

Source: ISED

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