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Best Buy Canada is providing back-to-school tech offers

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Best Buy Canada is first out with its weekly offers and has discounted a slew of tech to get you able to get again to highschool.

From Laptops just like the ASUS ZenBook, Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface to headphones and wearables just like the Bose SoundHyperlink II and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Best Buy’s sale has one thing for everybody.

Check out a few of the scorching offers bel0w:


Find all laptops on sale right here.

Hard drives and storage gadgets

Find all arduous drives and storage gadgets right here.


Find all headphones on sale right here.


Find all tablets on sale right here.


Find all wearables on sale right here.

Printers and scanners

Find all printers and scanners on sale right here.

The again to highschool sale is ready to run out on July twenty ninth. More details about the promotion may be discovered right here.

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Source: Best Buy

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