Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro lineup reportedly to be fabricated from titanium

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Apple is reportedly curious about utilizing a brand new materials for the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup along with the chrome steel and aluminum frames that it not too long ago function within the iPhone 12 sequence.

According to a report from JPMorgan, which was first reported by iPhonewired, the following iPhone 14 Pro sequence is prone to be made solely of titanium alloy, with Hon Hai of Foxconn being the only real provider.

Further, the report additionally means that different iPhone 14 fashions (not Pro) would function the common chrome steel equipped by Hon Hai and Jabli and aluminum equipped by Lansi and Jabli.

Additionally, as has been reported prior to now, Apple plans to discontinue the mini mannequin and proceed with its large-screen units. In different phrases, there might solely be two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch variations within the iPhone14 sequence.

A transfer in the direction of titanium frames may be revolutionary because it ‘s extra immune to scratches and cracks, all whereas weighing lower than chrome steel. At the identical time, titanium is dearer than beforehand used supplies and is harder to work with, elevating the general value of the system.

The iPhone 14 sequence remains to be in its improvement stage, and it’s design/materials might change at any time. As all the time, we suggest taking these reported leaks with a grain of salt.

Source: iPhonewired

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