Xplornet aiming to offer 50/10Mbps speeds to 300,000 houses in Ontario this yr

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Xplornet has introduced that it plans to offer 50/10Mbps speeds to 300,000 houses in rural areas throughout Ontario by the tip of this yr.

The service says it now provides obtain speeds as much as 50Mbps and add speeds as much as 10Mbps to greater than 220,000 houses in underserved areas and plans attain 300,000 by December thirty first.

“The Xplornet team has been working hard upgrading our fibre and wireless broadband network to bring faster speeds across rural Ontario,” stated Xplornet CEO Allison Lenehan in an announcement.

“This is another important step in our continuing commitment to invest and deliver improved high speed Internet to rural homes and businesses across Canada so that people can stay connected to family, friends and work today and in the future, no matter where they choose to live.”

Xplornet says this announcement is feasible by ongoing personal funding to ship broadband companies throughout the nation.

The Xplore 50/10 Unlimited package deal is now obtainable in lots of communities, to new and present prospects for $109.99 per thirty days. For a restricted time, new prospects can go for a two-year plan at a worth of $99.99 per thirty days, with that worth assured for these two years.

Source: Xplornet

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