Vidéotron receives funding to carry connectivity to Lanaudière, Laurentides areas in Quebec

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Vidéotron is receiving $6.21 million in funding to carry high-speed web to the Lanaudière and Laurentides areas in Quebec.

The mission goals to carry connectivity to 1,560 properties within the area by September 2022. The funding is being supplied below the second part of the Quebec and federal governments’ Operation High Speed initiative.

Municipalities a part of the mission embody Sainte-Mélanie, Crabtree, Joliette, Saint-Paul, Saint-Thomas, Oka, Mirabel and extra.

“The pandemic has shown the extent to which internet has become essential for teleworking, distance learning or just staying in touch with friends and family,” stated Gilles Bélanger, the parliamentary assistant to the premier of Quebec, in a information launch.

“The government is investing in the deployment of robust infrastructure to make Quebec a leader in connectivity.”

On July twenty first, the federal and Quebec governments launched the second part of the Operation High Speed initiative. Phase I targets 150,000 households via a mixed funding of $836.3 million. Phase II targets 18,200 extra households via a mixed funding of %94 million.

Through Operation High Speed, the 2 ranges of presidency hope to achieve one hundred pc of households all through the province by September 2022.

Source: ISED

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