Telus publicizes $20 million funding in St. Albert, Alberta

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Telus is investing $20 million in St. Albert, Alberta as a part of its $14.5 billion funding in infrastructure throughout the province via 2024.

The provider says the funding can be used to construct new wi-fi infrastructure in response to the growing demand for enhanced wi-fi connectivity all through the town.

Telus outlines that it’ll additionally join extra households and companies to its PureFibre community. The provider says as soon as properties are linked, residents will get entry to sooner and symmetrical web speeds.

“Telus is proud to make this generational investment in St. Albert, providing the technology to connect citizens to loved ones, as well as vital resources and information as we continue to navigate the global pandemic,” stated Telus CEO Darren Entwistle in a press launch.

“As we look ahead with optimism to a period of social and economic recovery, our investments are enabling more Albertans with world-best connectivity to work, learn, socialize, access entertainment and transact safely and effectively from their homes.”

The Vancouver-based nationwide provider has been asserting a sequence of investments throughout the nation. Telus lately introduced that it’s investing $63 million within the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia and $38 million within the Capitale-Nationale area in Quebec City.

Source: Telus

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