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Amazon Canada has some Apple Watch Series 6 fashions for $60 off

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Some Apple Watch Series 6 fashions are on sale at Amazon Canada proper now for as much as $60 off. While the low cost isn’t enormous, it’s uncommon to see gross sales on current-gen Apple merchandise like this. For anybody desirous about grabbing a Series 6, now could be the time to do it.

The low cost seems to use largely to the 40mm GPS Apple Watch with the aluminum case, though some 44mm variations are additionally discounted. Those on the lookout for the GPS + Cellular model are out of luck. We’ve listed the Series 6 watches and colors on sale beneath.

As a fast reference, the Apple Watch Series 6 sometimes prices $529 for the 40mm model and $569 for the 44mm mannequin.

You can be taught extra concerning the discounted Apple Watch Series 6 right here. And should you’re unsure whether or not the Series 6 is best for you, make sure that to take a look at MobileSyrup’s overview right here.

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