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Trade in your previous Switch and get the brand new OLED mannequin for $149.99 at EB Games

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The all-new Nintendo Switch (OLED mannequin) is up for pre-order at a number of retailers throughout Canada for $449.

If you already personal a daily Nintendo Switch or a Switch Lite and wish to improve to the brand new OLED mannequin, EB Games has a strong deal for you.

According to EB Games’ web site, you may commerce in your common Nintendo Switch and get the brand new OLED mannequin for simply $149.99.

Similarly, you may trade-in your Nintendo Switch Lite and get the OLED mannequin for $249.99.

There are some phrases and circumstances which can be price noting. First of all, this supply is just relevant if you happen to’re pre-ordering the brand new Switch and solely whereas pre-order portions final. Secondly, the Switch or Switch Lite you trade-in have to be in “full working condition” with no {hardware} alterations. Lastly, this supply is relevant in shops solely and upon the shop supervisor’s approval as soon as they examine the machine you’re buying and selling in.

The trade-in promo is relevant from July twenty second to July twenty eighth, so if you happen to’re trying to improve, higher act rapidly.

Source: EB Games, Via: RFD

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