Nvidia provides 11 new video games to GeForce Now sport streaming service

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Nvidia has simply added 11 new titles to its GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

Out of all cloud-based sport streaming companies, Nvidia’s GeForce Now boasts the very best variety of titles obtainable at over 1,000 video games.

For comparability, Amazon Luna (not obtainable in Canada) has round 100 titles, Google Stadia affords roughly 180, Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass helps about 270 titles, and PlayStation Now has “700+” video games obtainable to stream on its cloud service.

The new video games added to Nvidia’s cloud sport streaming service are as follows:

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service affords two membership choices. The first is the free route that will provide you with customary entry to the platform with a one-hour gaming restrict per session. Once the hour passes, you’ll be able to queue once more to get one other hour of free gaming in, though you’ll have to attend some time.

Nvidia additionally affords a paid membership choice that provides you precedence entry to gaming servers with none session size restrict. This subscription will value you $12.99/month or $129.99/yr.

Learn extra about Nvidia GeForce and its subscription choices right here.

Source: Nvidia

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