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Amazon Prime subscribers can get Battlefield 1 without spending a dime

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If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will get Battlefield 1 without spending a dime.

For a restricted time solely, get a code to redeem the sport on Origin without spending a dime. This provide is simply accessible for PC gamers, and also you’ll have solely till August 4th to assert the code and till August twentieth to redeem it.

You’ll have to redeem your product code on Origin. If you don’t have already got it put in, obtain it.

For PC:
1. Log in with the EA account the place you wish to add the sport.
2. Click the Origin menu.
3. Select Redeem Product Code.

Redeem your Product Code on Origin by following these steps:
1. Log in to the Origin retailer web site utilizing the EA account the place you wish to add the sport.
2. Select Game Library.
3. Click add a sport within the top-right nook. This will drop down an choice to click on Redeem Product Code. Once you’re on the web page to enter your code, kind in your sport’s Product Code. Click subsequent and the sport will present up in your Game Library.

After August 2nd, you’ll additionally be capable to declare Battlefield V. 

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