Federal, Quebec governments make investments $94 million to attach 18,200 properties to high-speed web

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The federal and Quebec governments are investing $94 million to attach over 18,200 properties in Quebec to high-speed web by September 2022.

The funding will help initiatives led primarily by co-operatives, non-profit organizations and native companies.

“Co-operating with telecommunications companies and organizations, adding a deadline with penalties to new contracts and providing coverage for all homes in the region where projects are being undertaken will ensure quick and effective deployment,” the federal government outlined in a information launch.

The two ranges of presidency launched Operation High Speed earlier this yr to attach 150,000 properties in Quebec to high-speed web. This newest quantity of funding will likely be devoted to the second part of the initiative.

The second part supplies funding to help deployment initiatives by the Coopérative de solidarité du Suroît (CSUR), the Table d’motion en communication et applied sciences de l’info de la MRC de Coaticook (TACTIC), First Nations Wireless, Développement Innovations Haut-Richelieu (IHR Télécom), Xplornet, Bell, Cooptel and the Association pour la télédistribution et radio La Minerve.

Further, the second part will purpose to attach 18,200 households for which there are presently no initiatives deliberate. The authorities notes that these properties are in areas which can be troublesome to succeed in and sparsely populated.

It outlines that technological options are presently being thought of and that the technique chosen to succeed in these households by 2022 will likely be introduced at a later date.

“Think of the single moms who are working from home and helping their kids with online learning, the entrepreneurs who are moving their business online, and the farming families who are innovating and ensuring our food security,” mentioned Rural Economic Development Minister Maryam Monsef within the information launch.

“Our government will continue to work with all partners to connect as many households as possible, as quickly as possible, to this essential service.”

Operation High Speed goals to present Quebec the best connectivity price in Canada, at greater than 99 %.

Source: ISED

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