‘Too Good To Go’ anti-waste meals app launches in Toronto

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Too Good To Go, an anti-food waste app, has entered the Canadian market and formally launched in Toronto.

The app permits native companies to promote ‘surprise bags’ of surplus meals to the general public on the finish of the day to cease it from going to waste.

“As of today, anyone with the app is able to purchase a ‘Surprise Bag’ of food at one-third of the retail price from diverse local restaurants, bakeries, cafes, stores and other food sellers,” the corporate outlined in a press launch.

Too Good To Go has launched with practically 100 companions in Toronto, together with three widespread native companies: Eataly, Greenhouse and Fresh City. The firm notes that these places had been chosen due to their commitments to sustainable practices.

The objective of the app is to assist companies save and promote meals and drinks that may in any other case go to waste.

“We’re excited about the potential the app has to make an immediate impact among Canadians, who pride themselves on being environmentally – and food waste – conscious, but who may not have access to the tools that help them be part of the solution,” mentioned Too Good To Go co-founder Lucie Basch within the press launch.

The app has greater than 40 million lively customers in 15 worldwide markets. Too Good To Go says it has helped to avoid wasting greater than 82 million meals since 2016.

The firm plans to develop all through Canada within the coming months.

Image credit score: Too Good To Go

Source: Too Good To Go

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