Eastlink launches 4 new ‘Rollover Data’ plans

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Eastlink has launched new ‘Rollover Data’ plans that allow clients to maintain their unused cellular information by mechanically rolling it into the following month.

The service notes that when you don’t use your entire information in a selected month, the unused quantity mechanically rolls over and is on the market for use the next month.

Eastlink has launched 4 Rollover Data plans: $50/8GB, $55/10GB, $60/12GB and $75/15GB. All Rollover Data plans embody limitless nationwide minutes, limitless textual content messaging, voicemail, name show, convention calling and name ready.

Each month, your rolled over information will get used first and your month-to-month plan information will get used second. The service notes that your rolled over information can proceed to be rolled over. Eastlink notes that rolled over information doesn’t expire and can be utilized at any time.

Rollover Data will be shared with anybody in a person’s household on an Eastlink cellular plan. The service notes that clients can share and save with as much as 10 traces for $40 per line.

“We are excited to bring customers our latest innovation,” mentioned Eastlink CEO Deborah Shaffner in a press release. “We have always taken a customer-first approach by listening to our customers. Rollover Data delivers on what our customers want, it’s simple and is great value for money.”

More details about the Rollover Data plans will be discovered right here.

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