Apple to launch iPhone SE with 5G in early 2022, ditch iPhone mini: report

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Apple reportedly plans to scrap the iPhone mini mannequin in its 2022 smartphone lineup. Instead, the corporate will supply a 5G-capable model of its extra reasonably priced iPhone SE mannequin.

The report comes from Nikkei (by way of Reuters, because the Nikkei web site was down on the time of writing). Nikkei cites “sources familiar with the matter,” who declare that Apple plans to begin promoting the 5G iPhone SE within the first half of 2022. The telephone will use the A15 chipset anticipated to launch with the 2021 iPhone line, probably referred to as the iPhone 13. 5G connectivity can be powered by Qualcomm’s X60 modem.

Aside from the extra highly effective A15 chipset and entry to 5G, the rumoured new iPhone SE will reportedly look similar to the iPhone 8, identical to the iPhone SE (2020). While some could also be disillusioned to listen to the refreshed iPhone SE will preserve the identical dated look with enormous bezels, dwelling button and low-res show, it appears to be like like that’s the sacrifice you’ll must make to get each the highly effective new A15 and 5G in an reasonably priced package deal.

Further, whereas the report that the revamped iPhone SE will change the iPhone mini is equally disappointing for small telephone followers, it sadly is smart. Apple’s iPhone 12 mini reportedly hasn’t bought nicely in comparison with the opposite iPhone 12 fashions. The mini and SE fashions cross over in a number of methods — each supply a small dimension possibility and a decrease value in comparison with different iPhone fashions, plus the brand new mannequin will supply an up-to-date CPU and 5G just like the iPhone mini.

With that in thoughts, it’s simple to see why Apple could select to drop the iPhone mini, which seems to promote poorly, for the same however cheaper SE mannequin that will probably promote higher.

Source: Nikkei Via: Reuters

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