Telus Agriculture and Rabobank purchase Conservis

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Telus Agriculture and international meals and agriculture financial institution Rabobank have introduced that they’re buying Conservis.

Conservis is an organization that integrates disparate farm applied sciences into one streamlined interface to handle the enterprise of farming.

“Together, Rabobank and Telus Agriculture bring the expertise, experience, and global presence to further develop the Conservis farm management platform,” Telus Agriculture outlined in a press launch.

Conservis permits farms to arrange knowledge from completely different sources, remove error-prone guide entries, create profitable enterprise plans, and handle prices, manufacturing and advertising and marketing.

“Together alongside Rabobank and with the technology available in the Conservis platform, we will be able to make financial management of farms a more efficient process and unlock new opportunities for our customers across the food value chain,” mentioned Francois Gratton, the group president of Telus Health and Telus Agriculture, in an announcement.

Rabobank and Telus Agriculture’s imaginative and prescient is to ship an enhanced Conservis platform to drive worth for farms.

Source: Telus

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