Pixel-exclusive ‘Heads Up’ characteristic now rolling out to different Android gadgets

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Google’s June characteristic drop added a digital well-being characteristic known as “Heads Up” to Pixel gadgets. And now, in keeping with XDA Developers, the characteristic has began rolling out in different non-Pixel Android gadgets.

Six out of ten younger Canadians admit to texting whereas strolling. While we all know how harmful this may be, lots of people proceed to do it. This is the place ‘Heads Up,’ a brand new characteristic that can enable you keep alert whereas strolling, is available in. If your system detects that you just’re strolling and utilizing your cellphone on the identical time, it would periodically remind you to lookup and analyze your environment.

This characteristic might be enabled on Pixel 3 and newer gadgets by going into the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ setting in your cellphone. Non-Pixel Android system customers can examine whether or not the characteristic is enabled by downloading the most recent model of Google’s Digital Wellbeing app from the Play Store. Then, head to the settings part within the app and search for ‘Reduce Interruptions.’ Locate the ‘Heads Up’ characteristic and click on to start setting it up.

You can now toggle reminders on to inform you to cease utilizing your cellphone in intervals when you’re strolling. To operate correctly, the Heads Up characteristic requires entry to bodily exercise and site permissions. However, the situation entry permission is non-obligatory.

It is price noting that not all non-pixel Android gadgets will at present have entry to the characteristic in Google’s Digital Wellbeing app, although it is likely to be out there later, if and when the characteristic rolls out extensively.

Image credit score: XDA Developers

Via: XDA Developers

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