Peloton plans to launch new in-app recreation referred to as ‘Lanebreak’

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Peloton is launching its first-ever health online game referred to as Lanebreak.

Lanebreak is extra like a rhythm recreation — assume ‘Tap Tap,‘ but you won’t be tapping something. Instead, you’ll need to pedal at sure cadences or resistances alongside a freeway that might solely be described as one thing from Tron.

Additionally, there will likely be numerous problem ranges and completely different music to hearken to, which all get chosen earlier than a recreation begins.

Further, there will likely be three several types of challenges. With Pickups, so long as you’re in the precise lane you’ll earn factors; you modify lanes by turning up or down the resistance dial. Meanwhile, Streams will earn you factors by your cadence and Breakers earns you factors primarily based on how a lot vitality you output.

The recreation will solely be accessible for Peloton bike homeowners and subscribers. The recreation isn’t accessible but, however a beta will open later this 12 months, and there’s at the moment no approach to enroll.

Peloton Canada’s web site doesn’t provide any details about the sport, so it’s doable the sport’s beta — and even the sport — gained’t be accessible in Canada at first.

Source: Peloton, The Verge

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