Helicopters coming to Flight Sim in 2022

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Asobo Studios, the builders behind the brand new Flight Simulator, have shared that they plan to deliver helicopters to the sport in 2022.

Other requested updates which are being labored on is multi-monitor assist, a replay operate and DirectX12 assist. All of those, aside from the helicopters, are deliberate to launch later in 2021.

What’s coming earlier than that may be a new hospital plan for gamers to discover, the Xbox model of the sport and world updates for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you may have a brand new Xbox Series S or Series X, you possibly can play the sport on July twenty seventh, and Xbox is rumoured to be popping out with new Flight Sim equipment earlier than then. If you’re within the sport, you possibly can take a look at our evaluation or VR-version hands-on.

Source: Asobo Studios

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