Google extends Pixel 4 XL restore guarantee in Canada by one yr

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Google launched an prolonged restore program for the Pixel 4 XL in choose areas, together with Canada.

Those who personal the larger of the 2 2019 Google flagship gadgets can make the most of the one-year prolonged restore program for sure points. For Canadians, that features not having the ability to activate the telephone, charging points (both wi-fi or with a wired adapter) and points with the Pixel 4 XL battery draining “significantly faster” than earlier than. Pixel 4 XL telephones that randomly restart or shutdown with out person enter may be coated.

According to a Google FAQ web page, Canadians eligible for this system could possibly obtain a free alternative or restore as much as one yr after their guarantee expires.

Along with Canada, Pixel 4 XL house owners within the U.S., Singapore, Japan and Taiwan are additionally eligible for the prolonged restore program. However, this system doesn’t cowl gadgets purchases from Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain or the U.K.

It’s price noting that Google now not sells the Pixel 4 XL and its smaller sibling, the Pixel 4, on its web site. However, the telephones can nonetheless be discovered at some third-party retailers.

Those can be taught extra in regards to the prolonged restore program on Google’s FAQ web page right here. Those trying to begin a restore ought to try Google’s guarantee declare assist web page right here.

Source: Google Via: Engadget

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