Zoom to amass cloud name centre firm Five9 for $14.7 billion

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Zoom has introduced that it’s buying cloud name centre firm Five9 for $14.7 billion USD (about $18.7 billion CAD).

The firm says the mixture of the 2 platforms will allow organizations to reimagine the best way they have interaction with their prospects.

Zoom outlines that the acquisition is anticipated to assist improve its presence with enterprise prospects and permit the corporate to speed up its long-term development alternative

“We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our platform, and the addition of Five9 is a natural fit that will deliver even more happiness and value to our customers,” stated Zoom CEo Eric S. Yuan, in a press launch.

“We believe this acquisition creates a leading customer engagement platform that will help redefine how companies of all sizes connect with their customers.”

Following the shut of the transaction, Five9 can be an working unit of Zoom and Rowan Trollope will turn into a president of Zoom and proceed as CEO of Five9.

Source: Zoom

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