Android TV replace will get nearer to changing into Google TV

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After adopting the look of Google TV final 12 months, Android TV is getting a number of the finest options from the newer OS, too.

The replace permits Android TV customers to create and see their Google watchlists, suggestions and extra.

To add one thing to your watchlist, you may press and maintain on it for the choice to seem. The plus facet of setting one thing in your  Google watchlist enables you to see it from the house display screen of your sensible TV. You may add issues from Google searches or your Android cellphone.

This is one among my favorite options from Google TV since I like the flexibility so as to add content material to your record from search outcomes lots. I discover it actually handy since I’m typically Googling films to observe trailers or see forged lists.

Whenever you click on on a present now, you’ll see a brand new particulars web page that offers customers fast entry to information in regards to the content material and a trailer.

Overall these updates are good to see however nonetheless fairly minor. I’m nonetheless overly confused as to why Google felt the necessity to have each Google TV and Android TV, particularly since they’re changing into much more comparable.

Source: Engadget

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