Feds launch session on fashionable copyright framework for AI and IoT

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The federal authorities has launched a session on a contemporary copyright framework for synthetic intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The authorities notes that it’s essential to make sure that Canada’s copyright framework is ready to reply successfully to new challenges.

“This consultation touches on a number of topics, including text and data mining, authorship and ownership of works created by AI, infringement and liability regarding AI, and repair and interoperability issues related to technological protection measures,” the federal government notes.

Further, the federal government has launched a session paper that outlines the challenges to the copyright framework for every of those subjects and presents questions to assist design approaches to addressing them.

The authorities is in search of further proof from stakeholders regarding these challenges and welcomes all feedback.

“The Copyright Act impacts many sectors of our economy,” stated Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne in a information launch.

“This consultation will allow us to hear the diverse perspectives of Canadians who want to make sure Canada’s copyright framework supports innovation, investment and competition as digital technologies continue to play a bigger role in generating growth and creating jobs.”

Participants have till September 17, 2021, to share their enter.

Source: ISED

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