Amazon Prime Day 2021 cancelled in Canada

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Last yr, Amazon delayed its Prime day in Canada from July to mid-October. The similar was sure to occur this yr however new information immediately confirms that the occasion has been formally cancelled resulting from COVID-19.

First reported by iPhoneincanadaAmazon’s Seller Central Portal has an replace stating, “based on the impact of COVID-19 in Canada and the importance we place on protecting the health and safety of our employees, we will not hold Prime Day in Canada this year.”

Additionally, Amazon stated it could “work closely” with sellers to attenuate any potential losses, and it appears ahead to working with them all through the winter vacation season. The assertion additionally makes it clear that any advertisers who invested in Prime Day might be allowed to cancel their contracts whereas submitted offers from sellers might be cancelled.

This is a growing story and might be up to date as soon as extra info is accessible.

Source: iphoneincanada

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