Toronto-based Freshbooks now payments Canadian enterprise house owners in Canadian forex

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Freshbooks, a Toronto-based small enterprise accounting software program firm, has rolled out the power for Canadian prospects to pay for his or her subscriptions in Canadian forex.

The firm notes that it has additionally launched clear and clear pricing plans to raised meet the wants of Canadian companies.

“We’re proud to be a Canadian company, and we’ve been listening to the needs of our Canadian customers,” mentioned Cataline Lopez, the senior director of development advertising and marketing at FreshBooks, in an emailed assertion.

“The ability to pay for your FreshBooks account in Canadian currency provides transparency in billing, and also signals the size and power of Canada’s small business sector. This is only the beginning of our planned Canadian roadmap.”

The firm outlines that these new launches are geared toward assembly the distinctive wants of Canada’s small enterprise ecosystem.

Freshbooks launched in 2004 and has since helped greater than 30 million folks in over 100 international locations. The firm notes that it differentiates itself by offering easy-to-use accounting software program for non-accountant enterprise house owners.

Image credit score: Freshbooks

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