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Shoppers Drug Mart providing 40,000 bonus PC factors once you spend $125

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Update 17/07/2021: This publish has been up to date with factually appropriate info relating to the promotion.

Shoppers Drug Mart is providing 40,000 bonus PC Optimum factors once you make an internet buy of at the least $125.

The factors work out to $40 in worth. This supply is out there till Sunday, July 18th.

From actually wi-fi headphones, video video games and even consoles, to nutritional vitamins and groceries, these factors may be redeemed in direction of something from Shopper’s surprisingly in depth catalogue.

You can obtain the PC app on iOS and Android.

It’s value noting that Shoppers can be operating a Bonus Redemption Event that runs from July sixteenth to twenty first.

On a traditional day, 50,000 PC Optimum will account for $50 once you buy one thing, however whereas the Bonus Redemption Event is on, 50,000 factors will account for $65, equal to 65,000 factors.

Similarly, redeeming 100,000 factors will internet you $140 in worth and 200,000 factors shall be equal to $300.

Learn extra in regards to the promotions right here.

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart 

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