Datamine hints Netflix might accomplice with PlayStation for recreation streaming platform

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At this level, it’s fairly clear Netflix goals to develop into supply online game content material by its platform alongside TV reveals and films. However, we nonetheless don’t understand how the streaming large plans to make this occur.

A current datamine signifies that the streaming large might have cast a partnership with PlayStation relating to its gaming streaming platform. As first reported by VGC, dataminer Steve Moser says he uncovered PlayStation model imagery and content material inside Netflix’s app code, together with Ghost of Tsushima field artwork and pictures of PlayStation 5 controllers.

Moser goes on to say that Netflix’s gaming initiative is presently codenamed “Shark” and that given PlayStation IP has appeared inside the streaming app’s code, the corporate might have plans to realize its gaming ambitions by collaboration. Earlier this yr, Sony and Netflix cast a partnership that may see Sony Pictures Entertainment content material come to Netflix first following its theatrical run. With this in thoughts, there’s additionally a risk these photos might relate to that settlement one way or the other.

It’s additionally value noting that Sony has been engaged on extra film and TV tasks based mostly on its key gaming franchises, together with The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima.

Bloomberg lately reported that Netflix has employed Mike Verdu, a former Electronic Arts and Facebook government, to guide the streaming large’s recreation streaming efforts.

Source: @SteveMoser Via: VGC

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