Telus launches Managed Cloud Security Service for Canadian organizations

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Telus has launched its Managed Cloud Security service in collaboration with Palo Alto Networks, which is able to present safety to customers whether or not they’re at work or at dwelling.

The service helps customers implement an built-in cybersecurity technique that features unified controls and complete visibility all through their infrastructure.

“Canadian organizations are looking for modern ways to secure their hybrid workplace,” stated Carey Frey, chief safety officer and vp, Telus safety in its information launch.

“The Telus Managed Cloud Security service is a fully cloud-delivered solution, built on Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access technology. With our service, organizations gain the ability to create and enforce a consistent security posture no matter where their users are working from.”

The new service goals to be helpful to huge Canadian organizations that need to give their workers leverage whereas securely accessing knowledge and apps on the web.

Source: Telus

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