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Obduction and Offworld buying and selling firm free for the week on Epic Games Store

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Epic is as soon as once more making a gift of two titles at no cost by the Epic Games Store.

This week’s free video games are Offworld Trading Company and Obduction.

You can get the video games at no cost till July twenty second from the Epic Games Launcher, and when you declare the titles, you get to maintain them without end.


Obduction is a sci-fi journey title from Cyan, the creators of titles like Myst and Riven. In the sport, you play a personality that has been kidnapped from Earth and is now stranded in a fragmented alien setting.

“The strange worlds of Obduction reveal their secrets only as you explore, discover, coax, and consider their clues. As you bask in the otherworldly beauty and explore the enigmatic landscapes, remember that the choices you make will have substantial consequences. This is your story now,” reads the sport’s info web page within the Epic Games Store.

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Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company by Stardock Entertainment permits gamers to take management of organizations trying to learn from commerce on the lately colonized planet Mars. The title’s web page on Epic’s retailer reads, “Mars has been colonized. Now, Earth’s greatest corporate titans have been invited to build companies to support it. The competition to dominate the market is fierce in this fast-paced economic RTS from Civilization IV lead Designer, Soren Johnson.”

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Follow the hyperlinks to study extra about Obduction and Offworld buying and selling firm.

It’s value noting that subsequent week’s free titles have already been revealed. Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun might be free to obtain beginning July twenty second.

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Source: Epic Games

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