Apple’s AirPlay 2 involves a few Amazon Fire TVs

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Making some Fire TV units higher, Amazon is updating a Toshiba TV and an Insignia TV with Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeEquipment performance.

These options are solely coming to 2 TVs thus far, together with the Toshiba 4K UHD Smart Fire TV with Dolby Vision (2020) and the Insignia 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (2020). As far as I can inform, solely the Insignia model is on the market in Canada. That stated, if AirPlay/HomeEquipment is coming to those TVs, the broader Fire TV system lineup will probably get the replace sooner or later.

For comparability, Roku additionally presents AirPlay and HomeEquipment help on all of its 4K-capable TVs and units.

What is AirPlay and HomeEquipment?

AirPlay 2 permits customers to stream content material from their Apple system to their TV with ease. You can push images, movies, music and Apple Fitness+ content material. You may even use AirPlay as an exterior show in your Mac.

HomeEquipment, then again, permits customers to manage their TV’s energy stat from their iPhone or with Siri, and entry a restricted digital distant by way of Control Centre on iOS/iPadOS.

Amazon’s press launch says that AirPlay shall be enabled by default. However, HomeEquipment must be enabled in your system settings and paired with the Apple Home app.

You can discover this below the ‘Display & Sounds’ setting by choosing ‘AirPlay & HomeKit.’ Set up, in my expertise with Roku units, is comparatively simple. You simply have to scan a QR code on the TV after which wait a few minute for it to finish.

Source: Amazon 

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