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44mm Apple Watch Series 6 is at present on sale at Costco for $458

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If you’ve been seeking to decide up an Apple Watch Series 6, Costco Canada at present has the GPS variant of the smartwatch on sale.

The on-line retailer has the 44mm measurement of the watch listed for $458.99. For reference, the identical watch is at present listed on Best Buy for $569.99 and on Staples for $509.99.

The 2020 launched watch options an always-on altimeter, is water resistant as much as 50 meters and options blood oxygen degree and heartbeat monitoring.

You can discover our Apple Watch Series 6 evaluate at this hyperlink.

Costco has the watch obtainable in ‘White,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Deep Navy’ and ‘Product Red’ colourways. To examine the itemizing on Costco, click on right here.

It’s value noting that you must be a Costco member to view the product’s full pricing and colors, not to mention purchase it.

Source: Costco

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