This Apple TV (2021) distant case includes a slot for an AirTag

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The Apple TV distant case of my desires exists.

One of the primary points I’ve with Apple’s in any other case flawless new Siri Remote for the Apple TV (2021) is the truth that it doesn’t embrace built-in AirTag know-how.

In truth, I felt so passionate that this was a miss on Apple’s half that I truly requested Tim Twerdahl, Apple’s vice chairman of product advertising, why the tech big didn’t take this route once I interviewed him a couple of months in the past.

This is the place Elago’s new R5 Locater Case comes into play. The case goals to guard the Siri Remote from drops, but additionally provides appreciable bulk to the pint-sized distant, making it simpler to search out. Most importantly although, it includes a slot for Apple’s Bluetooth monitoring AirTag, permitting you to simply connect it to the distant.

That’s all there actually is to it — the R5 is a case for the Siri Remote that allows you to slot an AirTag into it.

The Elago R5 Locator Case is obtainable on Amazon for $14.99. For extra on the Apple TV (2021), take a look at my assessment of the set-top field.

Image credit score: Elago 

Via: iMore

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