Some Samsung S20s are experiencing white and inexperienced screens of loss of life

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Several Samsung S20 sequence homeowners have hit the web to complain a few show drawback inflicting their telephones to be ineffective.

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Back in May, quite a lot of S20+ and S20 Ultra customers began saying that their shows are displaying scan strains, which worsen till the display screen is left utterly white or inexperienced.

A Samsung moderator urged that customers ought to boot the telephone in secure mode to reset it; nonetheless, that didn’t appear to assist.

Some customers stated that the one option to repair the problem is to get the show utterly changed. Unfortunately, the S20 got here out in February of 2020 and in case you have been an early purchaser you’d be utterly out of your guarantee.

It’s price mentioning that almost all of those experiences appear to be for the Exynos variant of the S20 sequence, which isn’t the one obtainable in Canada. At this second, it’s exhausting to say whether or not Canadian handsets are additionally experiencing this subject.

Let us know within the feedback under in case you’re additionally having show points.

Source: SamMobile, Mabsen by way of YouTube

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