Amazon acquires Facebook’s satellite tv for pc web staff

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Amazon has acquired Facebook’s satellite tv for pc web staff, based on a brand new report from The Information.

The newest transfer marks a big step for Amazon because it seems to meet up with SpaceX’s Starlink, which is already available in elements of Canada below its beta program.

Amazon’s satellite tv for pc web challenge known as ‘Project Kuiper’ and goals to offer low-latency and high-speed broadband service to customers across the globe, much like Starlink. Currently, greater than 500 workers are at the moment assigned to the challenge.

The firm is hoping to have a constellation of over 3,000 satellites in orbit by 2029. Amazon hopes to achieve half of this quantity by 2026.

In comparability, SpaceX has launched 1740 Starlink satellites up to now. Further, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that the corporate plans to ultimately have a constellation of 10,000 satellites.

As for Facebook, this newest deal signifies that the social media large could also be exiting the satellite tv for pc web race. Facebook is nevertheless nonetheless investing in subsea and terrestrial fibre and wi-fi companies akin to ExpressWiFi.

Source: The Information Via: Engadget 

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