Square Enix declares Fullmetal Alchemist cell sport

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Square Enix has introduced plans to launch a Fullmetal Alchemist cell gaming later this 12 months for Android and iOS gadgets.

The title Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile takes inspiration from Hiromu Arakawa’s unique manga.

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This announcement comes through the twentieth anniversary of the manga. The trailer reveals quotes from the collection, and on the finish, we see that all-familiar door referred to as ‘The Gate of Alchemy.’

Square says it plans to share extra details about the sport in winter 2021, however till then, particulars are scarce. Hopefully, we’ll get to see among the characters from the manga, like Edward and Alphonse Elric and among the Seven Deadly Sins.

Currently, the sport is slated for launch in Japan solely, however there could also be a western localization for followers someday sooner or later.

Source: TheGamer

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