Ring’s end-to-end encryption is now rolling out in Canada

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Ring’s end-to-end encryption options at the moment are rolling out globally, together with Canada.

The opt-in characteristic, first launched within the U.S. a number of months in the past, ensures your machine’s video stream can solely be seen by an “enrolled” iOS or Android machine. In idea, this could be sure that Ring digicam footage is safer and that hackers can’t entry your stream if they’ve your password.

Ring’s end-to-end encryption presently works with 13 of the Amazon-owned firm’s cameras, together with all of its wired Doorbells. Unfortunately, the corporate’s battery-powered doorbells don’t help end-to-end encryption, which sucks, given I personal a Video Doorbell 2. It’s unclear why Amazon has restricted encryption compatibility to wired cameras, nevertheless it seemingly has one thing to do with battery consumption.

Besides making certain different customers can’t entry your video feed, Ring can also’t flip over the captured video to legislation enforcement when encryption is turned on.

Other new options embody two-factor authentication by way of authenticator apps and CAPTCHA safety, which might help stop bots from accessing your account. Finally, the Amazon-owned firm additionally makes it simpler to switch a Ring machine by a brand new in-app characteristic. Previously, you needed to name Ring to switch possession.

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