In Apple’s world, it’s by no means 69 levels Fahrenheit

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In an amusing flip of occasions, The Verge experiences that Apple’s official iOS Weather app by no means shows 69 levels Fahrenheit.

Instead, the iOS Weather app signifies that it’s 70 levels Fahrenheit, even when it’s really 69 levels exterior. This is exactly the other of “nice!”

It’s unclear why the app does this, but it surely’s probably an effort on Apple’s half to forestall “69” associated humour. While Apple typically takes issues a bit of too severely, the corporate additionally has a historical past of generally poking enjoyable at itself, so it’s unusual a infantile sex-related joke embodies a line the corporate gained’t cross.

This could also be merely a glitch unintentionally launched with iOS 14.6, particularly given The Verge experiences that the web’s favorite quantity seems on iPhones operating iOS 15 and older variations of Apple’s cell working system.

If this can be a glitch, we’ll probably know quickly given how rapidly Apple usually patches out broadly publicized points like this.

Of course, in Canada, we use the much more civilized metric system and, in flip, Celcius for indicating the temperature. If you’re like me and do not know what temperature 69 levels Fahrenheit is in Celcius, I Googled the reply for you —  20 levels Celcius, a really good temperature.

Source: The Verge

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