Google introduces Android Game Development Kit

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As a part of its Google for Games Developer Summit 2021 occasion, Google has introduced the provision of the Android Game Development Kit, a set of instruments and libraries to assist builders construct, optimize, and publish high-quality Android video games.

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Primarily, the Android Game Development Kit will cowl three main areas:

  • Integrated workflows: This will permit builders to include the Android Game Development Kit with present initiatives.
    C/C++ recreation libraries: Google is now offering C and C++ gaming libraries that lower reliance on JNI and Java for Android improvement.
  • Performance optimization: Google goals to supply efficiency optimization for video games by way of Android Game Development Kit. This is feasible by way of Frame profiling in Android GPU Inspector, a slew of CPU, reminiscence, and energy profilers in Android Studio, and a brand new loading perform in Android Performance Tuner.

You can be taught extra concerning the Android Game Development Kit right here. To get began with utilizing the package, click on right here.

Google additionally introduced a brand new characteristic referred to as ‘Play as You Download,’ which can let customers hop right into a recreation whereas it’s nonetheless downloading. Read extra about it right here.

Source: Google Blog

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