Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rumoured to launch with 200-megapixel digicam

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A brand new report signifies that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will provide a 200-megapixel foremost digicam.

Additionally, the leak means that the handset will launch in January 2022. This new report comes from the South Korean publication Pulse News

According to the publication’s sources, Olympus has partnered with Samsung to launch a 5-lens 200-megapixel major shooter. Additionally, the report signifies that the smartphone shall be suitable with the corporate’s S Pen-branded stylus.

The S Pen was additionally suitable with the S21 Ultra as properly.

The S21 additionally launched in January, so it’s not stunning that Samsung’s S22 collection can also be releasing in January as properly.

It’s value noting that that is solely a hearsay and months away, so it’s essential to strategy this leak with a grain of salt.

Source: Pulse News, Via: GSM Arena 

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