Google Keep getting new background choices for notes on iOS, Android

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According to a publish on Google’s Workspace weblog, the search large’s Keep notes app will quickly get the power for customers to decide on a background for notes on Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, the function isn’t truly stay but within the iOS or Android Keep app. 9to5Google experiences that it may take as much as 15 days for the function to roll out to customers.

Once it does roll out, Keep customers will see a ‘palette icon’ when enhancing notes within the app. Tapping it would allow them to choose a background “from a set of designer-created images” in line with Google. You can learn the complete description beneath:

“You can now customize your Google Keep notes on Android and iOS by choosing a background from a set of designer-created images — simply open a note, select the palette icon, and select a background. | Available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts.”

Currently, Keep permits customers to set a color for his or her notes by tapping the three-dot menu button within the bottom-right nook. It’s not clear if the colors will likely be looped in with the brand new backgrounds behind the palette icon, or if they’ll stay within the three-dot menu.

While including be aware backgrounds to Keep will give the app some good visible aptitude, of all the brand new options for Google so as to add, it’s in all probability the one which the least variety of folks care about. Google hasn’t finished something main with Keep shortly and folks have been begging for some fundamental options, like the power to type listing objects.

The function will likely be obtainable to all Google Workspace clients and customers with private Google Accounts.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google

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