Black Widow makes use of Windows Phone, reminding everybody what the perfect cellular OS was

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It appears Marvel has ditched Google’s Pixel telephones for a Nokia Lumia working Windows 10 Mobile.

In the brand new Black Widow film, the titular Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) might be seen utilizing what’s clearly a Nokia telephone working Windows 10 Mobile. I haven’t seen the film but (so that you don’t have to fret about spoilers!) however Twitter customers Thomas Lai and ‘MrDodojo’ each posted screengrabs exhibiting Black Widow utilizing the telephone.

Black Widow is about after Captain America: Civil War and takes place in 2016 (Polygon has an explainer about the place the film sits within the Marvel timeline, but it surely does have Black Widow spoilers so click on the hyperlink with warning).

Taking place in 2016 makes it fairly seemingly that Black Widow may have a Windows Phone — Microsoft didn’t begin downplaying Windows 10 Mobile till 2017 and assist for the OS didn’t finish till late 2019. I puzzled if possibly the scene was a flashback, however in accordance with a spoiler-free rationalization from Windows Central, evidently isn’t the case. Instead, the scene depicts Black Widow utilizing the Lumia to trick pursuers into considering they discovered her. She then tosses the telephone off a ship (a slightly unceremonious finish for the Nokia, though acceptable for one thing working Windows Phone).

This isn’t the primary time Marvel has prominently featured a telephone in one in all its movies. Avengers: Endgame included a number of photographs of the Pixel 3, together with this humorous scene the place some youngsters ask Ant-Man/Scott Lang to take an image of them with the Hulk. However, I doubt Microsoft or Nokia would have paid Marvel to position a product in a film that they now not assist.

Likely, the Nokia telephone was picked because it was an accessible machine when the film was set and that’s all there may be to it. Still, it’s humorous to see a Windows Phone in a big-budget film like this, particularly after Endgame’s distinguished Pixel placement.

And for these questioning why Black Widow didn’t use the O.G. Google Pixel that got here out in 2016, it simply wouldn’t work with the timeline. Black Widow seems to happen within the spring of 2016, whereas Google’s first Pixel telephone didn’t arrive till October.

Image credit score: Twitter

Source: Twitter Via: Windows Central

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