Tesla doesn’t promote, until it’s a bizarre PUBG Mobile tie-in

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After years of selecting to not promote its vehicles like conventional automakers, Tesla has lastly created an advert — type of.

The newest replace coming to PUBG Mobile has Telsa vehicles and a Gigafactory that gamers can work together with.

This features a Model Y that may self-drive itself on in-game high-ways, and there’s a Gigafactory on the Erangel map the place customers can hit a sequence of switches to construct their very own Model Y.

[embedded content]

Out in the principle sport world, gamers can spy undrivable Cybertrucks and Roadsters zooming across the map that they will shoot to make them drop loot like weapons and armour.

This Tesla tie-in is all half of a bigger map overhaul to make the sport extra techie. Engadget experiences that there’s additionally an anti-gravity bike and another enhancements to make the map really feel futuristic.

I wouldn’t anticipate this tie-in to switch over to the principle console/PC model of PUBG, however I’m nonetheless hoping that we get some type of Elon Musk occasion that’s remisint of Travis Scott’s take over of Fortnite. 

Source: PUBG Mobile Via: Engadget

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