Telus launches cellular well being clinic on wheels in Victoria, B.C.

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Telus has partnered with the Victoria Cool Aid Society to launch a brand new cellular well being clinic in Victoria, British Columbia.

The cellular clinic will convey main care to underserved folks within the metropolis. It is provided to offer trauma-informed, main medical remedies, psychological well being companies, habit assist and COVID-19 assessments.

“Through our partnership with Cool Aid, we are removing many of the barriers facing underserved and at-risk populations in the Victoria region by providing access to critical healthcare, social support, and Covid-19 testing,” mentioned Telus CEO Darren Entwistle in an announcement.

“As we continue to navigate the global pandemic, today’s expansion of our Health for Good program will enable us to care for our most marginalized citizens.”

The clinic is provided with Telus Health’s digital medical file know-how, Telus mobility companies and the provider’s LTE Wi-Fi.

It will go to areas throughout the town together with parks, shelters, supportive housing places, soup kitchens and meals banks. The clinic is staffed with physicians, nurse practitioners and outreach employees.

Telus has cellular well being clinics in Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, Ottawa, Mississauga-Peel Region, Waterloo Region, Montreal, Halifax and Toronto.

Source: Telus

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