Here are all of Windows 11’s key options

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Windows 11 has lastly been formally revealed and it seems fairly excellent, however solely time will inform if it improves on Windows 10 in significant methods.

The new OS model incorporates a refreshed design that features a centred Taskbar and rounded corners. Beyond that, Microsoft Teams is changing into a staple of the working system, and avid gamers with PCI gen 4 appropriate components can anticipate superior gaming efficiency.

There can be a brand new widget panel that slides over from the left-hand facet to offer customers a enjoyable place to retailer quick-access instruments. Adding much more productiveness options, customers may also get entry to an enhanced model of the window snapping software. In Windows 11, you possibly can shortly and neatly arrange two, three or 4 apps directly.

Below is a round-up of all our protection centered on Windows 11:

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