DoorDash companions with Hub Cycling on safer bike deliveries in Vancouver

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DoorDash has teamed up with non-profit biking group Hub Cycling on a sequence of initiatives that purpose to make bike deliveries safer in Metro Vancouver.

The partnership will deal with three academic components that look to profit each Dashers — DoorDash’s supply individuals — and different cyclists within the metropolis.

To begin, Dashers shall be given entry to Hub Cycling’s StreetWise Cycling Online program, which teaches methods to be secure and respectful cyclists. Additionally, there shall be two webinars targeted on delivering in Vancouver in order that Dashers get a greater understanding of town’s ins and outs. And lastly, a digital security marketing campaign shall be launched to lift consciousness of motorcycle security and Vancouver’s guidelines of the highway.

Outside of the three academic bits, DoorDash says it would assist Hub Cycling’s ‘#UnGapTheMap’ effort to work with ten native ‘Hub’ communities throughout Metro Vancouver to determine precedence gaps associated to “ridership impact, utility, safety and feasibility.”

Source: DoorDash

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